We pride ourselves on providing personal services to local businesses who want to improve the delivery of financial information beyond the basic financial reports. We explain the ramifications of the information provided by those reports and provide solutions to improve operations


We provide basic payroll services; record payroll, generate checks, pay payroll taxes and file the mandated quarterly and annual payroll reports.  Our clients typically have less than 15 employees. We can process payroll remotely or on site. Our turn around time from receiving payroll information to delivering checks is usually under 24 hours. Unlike other payroll service companies, you are not paying for services that you do not use.

Income Taxes

Our typical client owns a business and / or rental property.  We provide services all year, not just tax season. If there is a complex tax issue and we do not know the answer, we refer our clients to other firms.


Pennies count. We have over 30 years performing analysis, helping organizations improve operations and procedures. Our goal is to work for free by saving our clients real cash and future savings as our relationship grows.

It is all about you

You are an expert in your industry. A smart person learns from their mistakes, a wise person learns from mistakes others have made (an old saying). We have helped other organizations recover from mistakes they have made. We want to help you. We want to give you tools to be more productive and reduce the pressure and stress you experience in making key financial decisions.

What Now?

Contact us to explain the issues and concerns you are facing. We can arrange for an onsite or off site meeting where we can more fully understand your needs and explain how we can provide solutions.