Please email us at Info@AMCR Financial Services for quick answers to issues that you are concerned with. There is no charge as long as it is not abused for quick answers.


Our billing rate is $40.00 per hour.

Payroll Services

Cost of checks are paid by the client. We purchase the checks in quantities of 500 through Staples or Office Depot using the special rates we get from them.

There is no additional fee for processing quarterly payroll tax returns. There is a fee for processing W2's based upon the cost we are charged for the forms.

There is no cost for shipping or delivery of payroll checks if they are to be delivered within a 10 mile radius of our office.

Our payroll processing fee is a flat fee charged per payroll run. There is no additional processing fee if we are notified in advance for processing special payrolls (holiday or bonus pay) as part of the regularly payroll cycle. A separate payroll run yields a higher net check for the employee.

Customer Service

We try to respond to questions within 24 hours, not the next business day. This includes weekends and holidays. If you are open, so are we.