Our Approach

We at AMCR Financial Services help organizations by improving their financial controls. Most growing businesses start with an individual who has a successful concept and has grown. Initially, the biggest concern these individuals have is how to grow. In doing, so they often overlook the over all financial picture of their business, focusing on the day to day operations. We sit down with our prospective clients and listen to their concerns. If we can find solutions to their opportunities, we implement them.

Our Story

AMCR Financial Services started when Larry Stein began cold calling customers in industrial parks, implementing computerized integrated accounting packages to organizations that had manual procedures. We have grown by providing on site and offsite financial solutions; accounting, payroll and income tax services, to companies within a 40 mile radius of Oxnard, CA.

Meet the Team

AMCR Financial Services has been led by Lawrence (Larry) Stein since 2002. He is a degreed accountant and a licensed tax preparer who has been providing services to growing companies. He is best known locally for his research and analysis of government operations and procedures.

Lawrence (Larry) Stein

Partner and Senior Accountant

Larry received his Bachelor's Degree in business administration majoring in Manpower Management and Organizational Behavior from Ohio University in 1975  He worked for a McDonald's franchisee of 6 units from 1968 through 1976 when he left to be a relief manager for a franchisee of 12 Kentucky Fried Chicken units. He continued his education and became a computer programmer in 1978. From 1988 through 1990, he studied accounting at California State University - Los Angeles where he received his certificate of completion.

In the 1990's personal computers became affordable. Larry cold called companies in industrial parks identifying organizations who wanted to switch from manual accounting system to computerized, integrated accounting packages. He soon learned that there was a larger market providing on site accounting services to organizations that did not need a full time accountant. He co founded AMCR Financial Services with his wife Ann Marie C (Rossito) in 1992.

What Now?

Contact us by email or phone so we at AMCR Financial Services can help you grow.